Employee Testimonials:

“I have been at 5812 Investment for 10 years and I can honestly say that they do take care of their employees. The benefits are great and with the size and growth of the company, opportunities for advancement arise often. I would strongly recommend as a place to make a career.”

“Since joining the company I have learned a lot.   I received my HVAC certification and a promotion to supervisor in 2 years with the company. If you show the desire to learn new skills this company will give you every opportunity possible if you show you are dedicated and willing to work .  The company has shown they value me as an employee and this is extremely important to me.  I am very grateful for every opportunity I have received with 5812 and I look forward to having a long, productive future with the company!” 

“5812 has given me an amazing opportunity to not only better myself but a life changing experience.  Working for this company showed me what a team really is, my supervisor is very helpful and patient and I would tell anybody that’s out there that’s looking for a great opportunity to give 5812 a try.   It is truly a place that you won’t forget.” 

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